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Download Jivaro


1. Download and Install
Click the download button on this page and select ‘Run’ in the subsequent pop-up box. Jivaro will now be downloaded to your download folder. If a security warning flashes up, select ‘Run’.

2. Create your Account
After you have downloaded Jivaro you need to create an account. Once your account is created we will send you a verification email and once verified you can log into your account on our website and in the Jivaro software.

3. Subscribe.
For Jivaro to work you need to have an active subscription. If you are not sure if Jivaro is for you you can choose to try Jivaro for free by selecting our 7 day trial option on any of the subscription plans we offer! Once you are logged in and have started PokerStars, Jivaro will automatically overlay your tables. If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to contact us.